AusChamps Week in SA

Another AusChamps has come and gone.  The carnival was held in Renmark and the Adelaide Hills, providing a very mixed bag of highly detailed erosion features, classic campus sprinting, pine forest, traditional spur/gully, and very technical rocks on the last day.  Some terrains and formats worked better than others, but all in all, it was a fun week that saw DROC produce some great results.

Prez Pete was “our man on the ground” and he has put together a great set of photos, covering our Victorian junior and senior reps (who looked very sharp indeed in their new tops, definitely winners in “fashions on the field”).  Our age-groupers also turned in some strong performances, with a Championship for Simon Rouse, and some personal bests.

Player Profiles:

  • Simon Rouse – 1st SA Middle, 2nd Aus Middle, 4th Aus Long
  • Martin Steer – 3rd Aus Middle, 4th Aus Sprint
  • Pam King – 9th Aus Middle, 13th Aus Sprint
  • Asha Steer – 4th Aus Middle, fastest leg in Aus Relays, 2nd Aus Sprint
  • Lanita Steer – 1st Aus Relays, 5th Aus Long
  • Peter Hobbs – 9th Aus Long
  • Amber Louw – 1st Aus Relays, 10th Aus Long
  • Peter Dalwood – 5th Aus Sprint
  • James Love – 8th SA Middle
  • Sammy Love – 2nd midweek race 3, 6th Aus Long
  • Sarah Love – 1st Aus Sprint
  • Peter Yeates – 13th SA Middle

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