DROC off to Flyer in Park Street Champs Qualifiers

DROC not only hosted the first Champs Qualifier at Tally Ho this week, but we dominated the results, taking 11 of the 15 Finals berths!  Ilze set a great course – tough but fair, with the cluster of controls south of the start causing some real headaches as we tried to nut out the shortest way to complete them.

In week 2 of the qualifying rounds, two more DROC members joined the growing list, taking our tally to 13 of 31.  Week 3 sees qualifiers at Mentone on Monday, Williamstown on Tuesday, Canterbury on Wednesday, and Darebin on Thursday, before the Final at St Helena on Thursday Feb 28.

Congrats to Andrew Hester, Peter Hobbs, Ian Dodd, Peter Dalwood, Helen Walpole, Debbie Dodd, Denise Pike, James Love, Ian Greenwood, Ros King, Muriel Neilson, Peter Yeates, Stuart McWilliam.

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