DROC Shines at Tarilta Creek

If it was raining and hailing in Melbourne on Sunday morning, one could only imagine what diabolical weather would be in store for the 16 DROC members who headed to Tarilta Creek (near Daylesford) to compete in event 2 of the Victorian Spring Series. Some drivers reported encountering thick snow during their drive to the event! However, once 10am came around it was rather cold – yes – but there was some sunshine and virtually no rain for the remainder of the day. Making things even better was the brilliant terrain. The forest was very runnable with many of the treed areas also covered by soft green grass. The terrain was still complex enough to provide a good navigational challenge with many gullies, hilltops and some rock features close together, making parallel gully errors and “rock confusion” very easy. At a 1:10,000 scale, feedback was that the map was very clear and legible and that the course setter (Patrick Jaffe) set some great courses.

There were some excellent DROC performances with juniors Amber Louw (2nd in course W5), James Love (6th course M4), Sammy Love (going out by herself – 4th in a hotly contested course W8) and Sarah Davies (7th course W4) all doing well and gaining some valuable practice ahead of the Australian Championships next month. Simon Rouse had a solid run to take out course M2, whilst other stalwarts Peter Dalwood (3rd course M4), Janine Steer (3rd course W3) finished near the top of their classes. Well done to all.

Eventor results

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