Koomba Kaos, Sunday January 16 2022

Entry fee: $10 adults. Kids Run Free at DROC events!  Juniors must pre-enter, but no fee will be charged.  ENTER HERE!

This could be the Kraziest event of 2022!  With terrain varying from fast open sports fields and parkland, to winding trails, pockets of bush, and rough, vegetated wetland, this map will have you constantly changing direction, pace, and technique.  Featuring sprint style course setting by former Aus Sprint Champs and NOL Sprint Relay planner Ian Dodd – but over longer distances – this event will Konfuse and Konfound.  There are many controls in full view of the arena, so no pressure …

Start location: Wantirna Reserve, Mountain Highway, Wantirna

Map: Koomba Park, full colour, 1:4000 scale
Sportident timing will be used, in Air mode. Please enter with your SIAC if you have one; non-SIAC SI sticks are also fine, and can be borrowed from Registration if you don’t own one.

Start times: arrive and start any time between 10am and 11.00pm. Courses close at 12.30pm.

Choose any of the four courses:

  • Course 1 Kaotic – 5-5.5 km, Long Hard (28 controls)
  • Course 2 Konvoluted – 4-4.5 km, Shorter Hard (27 controls)
  • Course 3 Komplex – 3 to 3.5 km, Moderate (24 controls)
  • Course 4 Kruisy – 2.5-3 km, Easy (16 controls)

Covid rules: bring smartphone for QR code checkin at Registration. Follow rules for physical distancing, hygiene, and face coverings. Check the Orienteering Victoria Participant Guidelines at https://www.vicorienteering.asn.au/return-to-orienteering/

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