Overseas Success for Club Members

Two of our veteran members have tasted success in Europe!  Peter and Ilze Yeates completed a two month orienteering extravaganza, taking in events in Latvia, Scotland, and Iceland during their travels.  Pete placed third overall  in the Icelandic Fire and Ice 3 days, in Reykjavik, after three consistent, error free performances in the lava fields.

Meanwhile, Ian and Debbie Dodd took part in events in Switzerland and Germany.  Ian came second in the sprint race in Brugg, losing by a mere 2 seconds!  He backed up the following weekend with a third place in the double header Sprint in Darmstadt, part of the German Park Tour.

One of the great things about orienteering is that you can easily compete overseas, and even plan your holiday around it. It’s a great way to make new friends and see places you may otherwise never visit.  Go for it!

Pete Day 1 IMGP9934_small

MelBushO at Yellow Gum, Sunday July 14

We’re heading back to the original MelBushO venue – the always popular Yellow Gum Park in Yan Yean, on the northern and eastern side of Plenty Gorge.  To get there, turn west off Yan Yean Road at Memorial Drive. Turn south at Goldsworthy Lane, then follow Orienteering signs to parking. We have a new arena this year, so please park as directed, and allow a bit longer to walk down to the toilets.

Once out on the course, you’ll enjoy a bit of everything – open or sparsely treed slopes, forest terrain with numerous tracks and some steeper hills; and some erosion features.  All nestled in next to the Plenty River. Yellow Gum Park is a great place for a picnic and for kangaroo spotting.

Course lengths are as follows:

Course 1 (Long Hard) – 6.7 km

Course 2 (Medium Hard) – 4.2 km

Course 3 (Short Hard) – 3.4 km

Course 4 (Moderate) – 3.8 km

Course 5 (Easy) – 2.1 km

Choose any of these courses, and start any time between 10am and 12 noon. Pay on the day at Registration – $12 for adults and $6 for juniors (u-21).  We’ll have coaches on hand for newcomers, and will lend you Sportident timing sticks and compasses if needed.  A great way to spend your day!  Find out more at www.melbusho.com

Monash Indoor Outdoor Sprint – Highlight of the Year!

“Wish I’d done a longer course!”; “Can I have another go?”; “How soon can we come back and do this again?” – these comments were heard repeatedly after Sunday’s amazing Indoor-Outdoor Sprint at Monash Uni. As the first starters bent over their maps, the spectators dashed inside to see the mayhem unfold, and soon we were treated to competitors heading every which way – up, down, and around – as they came to grips with navigating four levels of the incredible building. It was quickly obvious that speed was not the solution – it was all about knowing exactly where you needed to be, before beginning the next leg.  Dashing in and out of classrooms, dodging bemused students, popping out onto a courtyard four storeys in the air, avoiding the “paddle pop” marshals who stopped us going the wrong way – all part of the fun. It was over way too quickly. Luckily we had an outdoor sprint to follow, which was almost as complex, and equally as enjoyable.  We’ll do our best to make it happen again soon.

Results     Photos

DROC Hosts Successful 3 Days of Pure Gold

DROC partnered with fellow Victorian orienteering club, Melbourne Forest Racers, to deliver a superb winter long weekend of top class orienteering in gold mining terrain at Creswick.  Saturday featured the final in the Victorian Autumn Series, and the courses by Dion Keech mixed up some physical spur gully with tricky erosion features.  DROC members turned out in force with 23 competitors – a record for a non-Melbourne event!  We had the most podium finishers, with wins to Sally Barlow, Ian Dodd and Annie Gruby; second places to Sarah and Sammy Love; and thirds to Simon Rouse, Karen Strachan,  Debbie Dodd and Annie Gruby.  Other strong performers were Damian Spencer, Sarah Davies, and James Love.

Sunday was the Victorian Middle Distance Champs, the first time in many years that DROC has organised an individual forest Championship event.  It went off without a hitch!   Courses were set by Vic Sedunary, and they certainly tested everyone’s technical navigation skills as he took us into the hardest sections of the map.  More great results, with wins to Martin Steer, Janine Steer, Sarah Love, Sammy Love and Debbie Dodd; second places to Damian Spencer, Helen Walpole, Amber Louw and Sarah Davies, and third places to Ian Davies, Pam King, Joel Crothers and Wayne Love.

We rounded out the weekend with the Bah Humbug Sprint, which saw us back in the same gold mining, but at a larger scale of 1:5000, on courses set by Roch Prendergast. A win on course 2 capped off a great weekend for Ian Dodd, while James Love was a very fast 4th on the same course.

Our thanks to the three course planners, along with event advisor Warwick Williams, who all did an anazing job; and to the dedicated teams from both clubs who worked tirelessly and cheerfully for 3 days to put on what we think was the best weekend in Victoria!

Click here for more about the weekend, and photos from the Middle Distance Champs presentations.

Monash Indoor-Outdoor Sprint Double – Australian First!

The first-ever Indoor-Outdoor Sprint orienteering race to be held in Australia, will take place at Monash University’s Clayton Campus, on Sunday June 30 2019. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Online entries via Eventor are now open!  Two incredible sprints for the low price of just $12. Entries close June 28. Note: entry numbers may need to be capped so we recommend entering asap to secure your place.

In the morning, you’ll tackle a dizzying course covering all four levels of the Learning and Teaching Building. After lunch, you’ll compete in a second race using the outdoor areas of the campus.  Times from both races are added to determine the overall winners.

Sprint orienteering is all about making rapid decisions while reading a detailed map of a complex environment. Your brain has to work faster than your legs!  Winning times are usually 15-20 minutes. Different courses are available for all ages and abilities. You don’t have to be a champion athlete, but it helps to be a quick thinker.

Choose any of the five courses – Long Hard, Medium Hard, Short Hard, Moderate, or Easy.

Indoor Sprint – Learning and Teaching Building, starts between 10am-11am. Mapper and course planner: Peter Dalwood

A multi level map featuring stairs, one way corridors, voids, rooms, scattered furniture .. and more stairs! This will probably be the most complex map you’ve ever run on.  The map will look something like this (click to enlarge) –

map teaser

Bonus Outdoor Sprint – Monash Clayton, starts from early afternoon. Mapper: Peter Dalwood. Course planners: Stuart McWilliam and Asha Steer

Monash Clayton is always evolving. The map will be freshly updated for the event. The big question is – will your brain and legs be up to a double challenge???

Inquiries: droc@iinet.net.au

Terrain photos:

IMGP8128 (800x532) IMGP8134 (800x532)IMGP8135 (800x532) IMGP8139 (800x532)IMGP8148 (800x532) IMGP8154 (800x532)



Chirnside Park – DROC Rises to the Challenge

Great event on our new Chirnside Park map, which we christened with an EndurO. Mapper and course planner Peter G presented quite the challenge, thanks to the hilly terrain, the complicated network of small streets, and a well thought out course. Peter placed several 40-point controls close to the start, which drew competitors out in all directions, only to be faced with a myriad of decisions.

DROC took out both 120 minute categories, with Alicia winning the 120 min Run and gaining a perfect score of 1000; Ian won the 120 min Walk with 780 points. Fantastic effort by both!

Head here for a full event report, results, and maps.

Entries Open for 3 Days of Pure Gold at Creswick

Online entries for the Victorian Queens Birthday long weekend at Creswick are NOW OPEN, with a discount for those who pre-enter all three events. Make sure you read the all-important Information and Entry Instructions first, which will tell you how to enter and pay for all events in one go, as well as lots of other details.The arena is the same for all three days, and is easily accessible, just a few minutes’ drive from Creswick, and a short hop from Ballarat or Daylesford, which are great places to stay. Come and enjoy the greatest gold mining terrain Australia has to offer! This weekend of top orienteering is proudly presented by Dandenong Ranges Orienteering Club and Melbourne Forest Racers.Here’s the program:

  • Saturday June 8 – the final Vic Autumn Series event, which will determine the series results. Make your choice from one of the six regular courses, and choose your own start time – note later starts. Find out more
  • Sunday June 9 – the Victorian Middle Distance Championship, which is going to be intense! Pre-entry is REQUIRED for this one, and start times will be pre-allocated and published beforehand. Find out more
  • Monday June 10 – the Bah Humbug Bush Sprint is a great way to wrap up the weekend!  Find out more

Carnival web page: https://www.vicorienteering.asn.au/creswick3day

Relay Champions!

The Victorian Club Relays were held at Mt Lofty, near Eppalock – an area of spur gully terrain with some small rocky areas, and some thicker vegetation.  Due to the dry summer, the tracks were dusty and sometimes hard to pick.  The first half of each course was on open, fast ground, but many teams came unstuck on the second half which was much slower, and harder to read.

DROC fielded five teams across four courses, and came away with very pleasing results – including a fantastic win for our Course 3 combination of Peter Yeates, Pam King and Carl Stemp.  Pete laid the groundwork with a fast run, just a handful of seconds behind the quickest runner.  Pam kept her cool as other teams fell by the wayside, her steady pace bringing the team into first. Carl just had to complete the course safely, and they were home with a couple of minutes’ margin over the next team, taking a well earned victory!

Our other teams all acquitted themselves very well on what proved to be challenging courses, against tough competition.  Well done all!  Results are here

Graham Wins Park Street Course Setter of the Year for Kingsclere

Congratulations to DROC’s Graham Wallis  who has been awarded the highly coveted Park Street Course Setter of the Year award for 2018-19.  Graham won for his course at Kingsclere, in the Monday Summer Series.  He receives a Park Street Season Ticket to the series of his choice.

Runners up were Fiona Fell (NEV), for her course at Skeleton Creek in the Tuesday Summer Series, and Tim Hatley (BKV) for his course on a new map of Mentone Racecourse, in the Monday Summer Series.  According to adjudicator Peter Hobbs, it was a very close contest.  Peter used the following factors to decide the winner:

  • Degree of route choice and control choice evident on each course
  • Distances of the courses
  • Choice of different controls available from the start
  • Lack of “one way only / dead running” sections of the course
  • Map details such as title, scale, contour interval etc

Kingsclere scored highly in all areas – including control choice from the start and the relative lack of “one way / dead areas” of the course. Graham did an excellent job of providing maximum route choice and control choice for all courses. Even the shortest course could conceivably visit the majority of controls on the map. I still could not work out some of the shortest courses despite spending significant time studying the map. Also included a tricky control 15 near the start where competitors had to make an instant decision at the start to get it first, or drop it all together. An excellent overall map and worthy winner. Well done Graham!

Two other DROC maps were shortlisted – Cathies Creek by Peter Yeates, and Blind Creek by Merv Trease.

View Graham’s winning map here


The DROC Shop sells orienteering equipment, including compasses, Sportident sticks, gaiters, fingerbands, and Silva headbands. You can find the DROC Shop at most VicBush, Melbush, park street and sprint events. You can also place an order by contacting us at droc@iinet.net.au

What we sell:

  • Sportident electronic timing devices (SI sticks), including Version 8, Version 10, and SI Air.  Prices range from $50-$105.  NEW STOCK OF SI AIR STICKS JUST IN!
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  • Silva headbands – special price just $2!

The DROC Shop is proud to provide the prizes for the 2019 Vic Autumn Series Fastest Finisher competition!