Sprint Into Spring Race 2

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Sprint Into Spring continued with Race 2 at Darebin Parklands, where competitors had a chance to show off their hill climbing prowess, on a course that was physically tough and mentally testing.  Once again DROC members were out in force, and we had some great “top 10″ results.

On the difficult Course 1, Peter Hobbs was 7th overall, another great result to add to the previous week. Simon Rouse just missed a top 10 finish. Ros King also finished 7th overall, on Course 3.  Cassy Dutton and Debbie Dodd were 1st and 2nd on the Sprint leg on course 2; Cassy was also 2nd on the Course 2 Hill Climb.

Here is where we sit on the all-important Jersey Points table:

  • Course 1 Mens Overall (Yellow Jersey) – Peter Hobbs 5th, Simon Rouse 15th
  • Course 1 Womens Overall – Lanita Steer 9th, Alicia Dymowski 12th
  • Course 1 Womens Sprint Leg (Green Jersey) – Lanita Steer 7th, Alicia Dymowski 11th, Denise Pike 15th
  • Course 1 Mens Hill Climb (Polkadot Jersey) – Ian Davies 9th, Simon Rouse =10th
  • Course 1 Womens Hill Climb – Lanita Steer 5th, Denise Pike 10th, Alicia Dymowski 13th
  • Course 2 Womens Overall – Sarah Davies 4th, Debbie Dodd 6th, Cassy Dutton 10th
  • Course 2 Mens Sprint Leg – Ray Howe 11th
  • Course 2 Womens Sprint Leg – Debbie Dodd 1st and Green Jersey holder; Cassy Dutton 4th, Sarah Davies 5th, Pam King 15th
  • Course 2 Mens Hill Climb – Ray Howe 12th
  • Course 2 Womens Hill Climb – Sarah Davies 3rd, Cassy Dutton 5th, Pam King 6th
  • Course 3 Womens Overall – Ros King 2nd
  • Course 3 Womens Sprint – Ros King 3rd
  • Course 3 Womens Hill Climb – Ros King 3rd, and Polkadot Jersey holder (under 1 Jersey per person

Visit the Sprint Into Spring website for all the other results, news and photos.


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