Two New Life Members

DROC welcomes two new Life Members, following an announcement at the recent Christmas party.  Debbie and Ian Dodd each received the honour of becoming DROC members for life.  Ian and Debbie both thanked the club, with Ian relating the story of how close they came to joining another club:

“At the end of our first summer series, we were approached by Ian Greenwood and asked to join. Enticed by the offer of a “free feast at Christmas”, we said yes.  About two minutes later, John Sheahan asked us to join Bayside, but we had to tell him he was too late!”

Ian and Debbie both joined the committee after about 12 months, with Ian going on to become president, then treasurer, while Debbie took on the jobs of membership secretary, Punchline editor, and events coordinator.

“We’ve loved being DROC members” said Debbie. “This is such a great club to be part of”.

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