Wild Weather Plays Havoc With Monday Summer Series

Melbourne’s crazy summer weather of extreme heat, sudden deluges, and bushfire smoke, has wreaked havoc on the Monday Summer Series.  The event at Dingley Village was cancelled when the air quality hit the Very Poor mark, and our fantastic new map at Tatterson was swamped by a heavy downpour which saw most people choose to stay home.

Not wanting our course setters’ efforts to go to waste, we’ve fixtured re-runs of both events as part of the 2020 Saturday Series.  Dingley Village will be on April 18; the map was given a complete revamp by Pam, and the course planned meticulously by Joel.  Tatterson is a map thats simply too good to miss, with its huge parkland, tricky streets, chain of lakes and wetlands, and the incredible Tree Maze.  You’ll have another chance to enjoy Peter G’s map and courses, on May 2.

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