The DROC Shop sells orienteering equipment, including compasses, Sportident sticks, gaiters, fingerbands, and Silva headbands. You can find the DROC Shop at most VicBush, Melbush, park street and sprint events. You can also place an order by contacting us at droc@iinet.net.au

What we sell:

  • Sportident electronic timing devices (SI sticks), including Version 8 ($50) and SI Air ($105).
  • Compasses – low cost base plate ideal for new orienteers.  Bargain prices $15-$50.
  • Fingerbands for SI sticks and thumb compasses, just $4
  • Gaiters – Protech, a bargain at just $20, which is less than half the retail price. Limited sizes.
  • Silva headbands – special price just $1!

The DROC Shop is proud to provide the prizes for the 2019 Vic Autumn Series Fastest Finisher competition!


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