Summer Park and Street Orienteering in Melbourne

Enjoy the challenge of a run or walk with a map, in Melbourne’s suburban parks and streets on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings from 7pm, during October-March. Exercise body and mind! The aim is to use the map provided to navigate to pre-designated checkpoints in the fastest time or shortest distance.

These events are ideal for newcomers, families, and sporting or social groups. There are courses for runners varying in length from 30-60 minutes (approx 3-10 km), and a 60 minute course for Power Walkers. No special equipment or navigational skill is required. Bring a watch, and wear comfortable light coloured clothes and shoes. Events cost $4 for adults and $2 for juniors (under 21). We provide coaching to get you started. Register 30 minutes prior to the start time.

Click here for more information about Park and Street orienteering, including a complete Event fixture:


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