Sprint Into Spring Race 2

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Sprint Into Spring continued with Race 2 at Darebin Parklands, where competitors had a chance to show off their hill climbing prowess, on a course that was physically tough and mentally testing.  Once again DROC members were out in force, and we had some great “top 10″ results.

On the difficult Course 1, Peter Hobbs was 7th overall, another great result to add to the previous week. Simon Rouse just missed a top 10 finish. Ros King also finished 7th overall, on Course 3.  Cassy Dutton and Debbie Dodd were 1st and 2nd on the Sprint leg on course 2; Cassy was also 2nd on the Course 2 Hill Climb.

Here is where we sit on the all-important Jersey Points table:

  • Course 1 Mens Overall (Yellow Jersey) – Peter Hobbs 5th, Simon Rouse 15th
  • Course 1 Womens Overall – Lanita Steer 9th, Alicia Dymowski 12th
  • Course 1 Womens Sprint Leg (Green Jersey) – Lanita Steer 7th, Alicia Dymowski 11th, Denise Pike 15th
  • Course 1 Mens Hill Climb (Polkadot Jersey) – Ian Davies 9th, Simon Rouse =10th
  • Course 1 Womens Hill Climb – Lanita Steer 5th, Denise Pike 10th, Alicia Dymowski 13th
  • Course 2 Womens Overall – Sarah Davies 4th, Debbie Dodd 6th, Cassy Dutton 10th
  • Course 2 Mens Sprint Leg – Ray Howe 11th
  • Course 2 Womens Sprint Leg – Debbie Dodd 1st and Green Jersey holder; Cassy Dutton 4th, Sarah Davies 5th, Pam King 15th
  • Course 2 Mens Hill Climb – Ray Howe 12th
  • Course 2 Womens Hill Climb – Sarah Davies 3rd, Cassy Dutton 5th, Pam King 6th
  • Course 3 Womens Overall – Ros King 2nd
  • Course 3 Womens Sprint – Ros King 3rd
  • Course 3 Womens Hill Climb – Ros King 3rd, and Polkadot Jersey holder (under 1 Jersey per person

Visit the Sprint Into Spring website for all the other results, news and photos.


Sprint Into Spring Race 1

Hooray! Sprint Into Spring is here!  DROC members were out in force at the first race for 2015, at VU St Albans.  The series kicked off well, with a big crowd, and with well set courses looping through the complex buildings and grounds of the campus.  We had live results displayed instantly on a large screen, to add to the excitement.

DROC members Sarah Davies and Debbie Dodd (pictured below) are the current Female Jersey holders on Course 2.  Sarah was fastest female overall to earn the Yellow jersey, finishing in the Top 10; and she also won the Hill Climb (but you can only have one jersey at once).  Debbie began her Green jersey defence with a win on the Sprint leg.  In other results, Peter Hobbs continued his top sprint form with a 6th place, in a very talented field indeed.

IMGP9746 (1024x1015) IMGP9750 (1024x1017)

You can catch the action on Saturday October 24 at Darebin Parklands.  Meanwhile here are some more top shots by rolling reporter Peter Yeates.  Click on any image to enlarge.

IMGP9737 (825x1024) IMGP9685 (1024x959) IMGP9629 (819x1024) IMGP9568 (792x1024) IMGP9564 (849x1024)


Summer Park and Street Orienteering in Melbourne

Enjoy the challenge of a run or walk with a map, in Melbourne’s suburban parks and streets on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings from 7pm, during October-March. Exercise body and mind! The aim is to use the map provided to navigate to pre-designated checkpoints in the fastest time or shortest distance.

These events are ideal for newcomers, families, and sporting or social groups. There are courses for runners varying in length from 30-60 minutes (approx 3-10 km), and a 60 minute course for Power Walkers. No special equipment or navigational skill is required. Bring a watch, and wear comfortable light coloured clothes and shoes. Events cost $4 for adults and $2 for juniors (under 21). We provide coaching to get you started. Register 30 minutes prior to the start time.

Click here for more information about Park and Street orienteering, including a complete Event fixture: www.parkstreeto.com.au

Enquiries: pas@vicorienteering.asn.au

DROC Runs Successful Australian Sprint Champs

It was our biggest undertaking since 1985 – an Australian Championship and World Ranking Event.  The transformation of an ordinary school campus in Ballarat began at 7am when Ian began placing controls and I taped off out of bounds areas.  By 9am the volunteer army had started to arrive, and were soon busy erecting tents, creating the finish chute, map changeover and start areas.  The TV screens and commentary gear were next.  By 11.30 things were hectic – the controller was checking the courses, and competitors were starting to arrive.  The first competitors – a small group of DROC volunteers – went out on the course at 12.30, and the rest of us held our collective breath as we waited to see if everything worked.  The elites were watching too, eager for a clue before their own starts 30 minutes later.

At 1pm on the dot the event got under way, and for the next 3-4 hours it was intense!  Starts every minute meant a congested course, with competitors coming through the map change, and into the finish, every few seconds.  Traffic management was vital, and no-one could afford to lose focus.

The arena was fantastic.  Instant results were displayed on 6 large screens. Spectators crowded onto the terraces to watch the action from every vantage point, including the commentary balcony.    Competitors did not disappoint, with many hurdling the fence onto the oval for the map change. Any mistakes here were in full view of the crowd!  The Ballarat Courier and WinTV both got great footage, featuring Ian Dodd and Lanita Steer.  For those wanting a more relaxed time, the grassy area, complete with O-shops, coffee van, and the colourful Schools tents, had a picnic race day feel.  The weather was perfect, and most people stayed right through to the presentations.

The day was flawless, thanks to the DROC crew who performed above and beyond. expectations.  Click here for photos from the day.

Aus Champs Carnival

Besides organising two “world class” events, we all found time to compete, and some of us managed top five finishes, personal bests, and podium places!

  • Victorian Middle Distance: Asha Steer 3rd W20E; Merv Bendle 2nd Mens Open B
  • Australian Middle Distance: Lanita Steer 4th W20E
  • Schools Sprint: Asha Steer 4th Senior Girls
  • Schools Individual: Asha Steer 3rd Senior Girls (and named in the All Australian Team)
  • Public Race: Lanita Steer 3rd Womens B
  • World Series StreetO: Ian Dodd 2nd A Course
  • Australian Sprint Distance:  Asha Steer 4th W20E; Lanita Steer 5th W20E; Martin Steer 5th M50A, Ian Davies 5th M55A
  • Australian Long Distance: Lanita Steer 2nd W20E; Merv Bendle 3rd Mens Open B; Asha Steer 4th W20E; Debbie Dodd 5th W55AS
  • Australian Relays: Asha and Lanita Steer 2nd W20E; Debbie Dodd 1st W45B

Lanita Steer won the National League trophy in Junior Women; Asha and Lanita were an integral part of the 2nd placed Victorian Nuggets Junior Womens team.

Click on the Gallery page to see photos from the Carnival.


World Series StreetO Challenge, Ballarat

DROC were the instigators and organisers of the inaugural World Series StreetO Challenge, held in Ballarat as part of the Australian Champs carnival.  Over 160 competitors took part, taking to the nearby streets, lanes, parks and university campus in a haed to head battle between States, and internationals from NZ, Hong Kong and Noumea.

The course was set by Ilze Yeates and Tina Smith, with Vic Sedunary as advisor.  Starting from White Flat Oval, we fanned out in all directions.  The Yarrowee River restricted options so most chose to cross it quickly and get into the main section of the map.  Others headed for the adjacent School of Mines where 5 controls beckoned – the blowup map was certainly a great help in there!  A number of historical features were chosen as control sites, adding interest.

The winning team was Victoria 1 (Bayside and Bendigo), with Victoria 2 (DROC and Eureka) 6th.  Best placed individual for DR was Ian Dodd, who was second on A course.

Photos were taken by Orienteering Australia’s John Harding. More photos can be found here:

1546355_10153685804677079_8956362814942169091_n 11024763_10153685807717079_384719863291054064_n 11222684_10153685816807079_7127483613877356447_n 12027667_10153685811662079_1554431167132763116_n 12036823_10153685814897079_1795012000509458491_n 12038115_10153685844492079_7023508454365354326_n 12038123_10153685806647079_6185525790463880526_n 12038157_10153685803827079_7021868924227769041_n 12039311_10153685815867079_6038031283029080067_n 12046918_10153685806312079_3626003508498500193_n 12047018_10153685805402079_2758330749039369608_n 12063449_10153685804947079_6537997170472155568_n 12063664_10153685814212079_9105531281859995451_n 12063806_10153685818117079_7551436199973636993_n 12063816_10153685845447079_6667108282169250960_n 12072586_10153685805697079_8759721337013634097_n 12096274_10153685818087079_5004844368492186183_n 12096526_10153685811157079_6809568560718843818_n

DROC loves MelbushO!

We’re a versatile bunch here at DROC – our club members love all forms of orienteering, from park and street, to sprint, bush, and mountain bike.  The hugely popular MelbushO events are a particular favourite – in fact at Eltham Lower Park recently, we had the biggest showing of any club!  Check out our Photo Gallery to see DROC members in action at MelbushO events in 2015.

MelBushO will be back in 2016.  In the meantime, you have several options to continue orienteering in coming months:

Head to Ballarat – the Australian Championships Carnival offers Enter on the Day options for eight events, from Saturday September 26 to Saturday October 3.  There are five events in the forest, two Sprints, and a StreetO Challenge.  You can choose a Hard, Moderate, or Easy course, and pay at Registration.  Visit the carnival website for more information.  All the EOD information will be included in the Carnival Program, to be published mid September.

Sprint Into Spring – our popular Sprint series is back!  Saturday afternoons in October and November will have you competing in parks and campuses around Melbourne.  Choose any one of three courses and get amongst the action! Visit the website:  www.parkstreeto.com.au/sprint/

Stay fit over summer – try one or more of our Park and Street series.  We have events all over Melbourne, four evenings a week, from mid October to mid March.

Join our club – the best way to keep in touch with orienteering, find out what’s happening, meet new people and get involved. One low fee provides membership to DROC, and to Orienteering Victoria.

MelBushO at Hawkestowe Park

What a terrific day we had at Hawkestowe Park on July 19! An early start for our course setters and helpers – the grass was frosted white, and the puddles had iced over, but the sun was shining.  The event drew the usual large crowd, with a mix of experienced orienteers, newcomers, and kids.  We haven’t used this park much and it really is a great place to be out with a map in hand.

Courses were set by Ian and Sarah.  They were interesting and varied with some fast open running, some tricky technical contour features, and some places where those contour lines were pretty close together.  We (wisely) decided to leave the river crossings for another day after all the rain in the preceding days!

Results     Splits     Photos

DROC did very well, with A course won by Pres Pete, and 5 of the top 10 were club members.  Jen and the kids won the D course.

Sarah was very busy all day assisting newcomers, helping with registration, and manning the finish computer and printing results.  She had plenty of other assistants – thanks to all the club members who came along and supported the day.

Click to enlarge:

IMG_4378 IMGP9188 (640x572)


State Series at Belltopper – All About the Juniors

We had a very good turnout for the return to Belltopper, with all courses this year being set on the west side of Taradale Road.  Set by our JWOC rep Lanita Steer, the courses challenged everyone and received great feedback.  The terrain was mainly open spur-gully with some scattered rock and erosion gullies, and plenty of regrowth had sprung up in recent months to add another level of difficulty.

The event was the final selection race for the Victorian Schools team, which will travel to the Australian Schools Championships in Ballarat in September.  Aspirants including DROC juniors Asha Steer and Sarah Davies were racing hard to secure their places on the team – and they have been successful!  Asha was first overall on course 3, while Sarah was second on course 6.  Our other placegetter was Peter Yeates on course 5 (but he is not eligible for junior selection!)

Results     Winsplits

The event ran very smoothly thanks to the hardworking DROC team, and the JWOC Jam fundraising was a great success, with over 100 jars of jam sold!  We’ll be able to provide funding to Lanita, Asha and Sarah as they represent us at National and State level.

Our next Sunday event will be at Hawkestowe Park, Plenty, on July 19.  Meanwhile, follow Lanita at JWOC: http://www.jwoc2015.org/


Victorian Long Distance Champs 2015

Our blue-ribbon State Champs were held this weekend in Bendigo. They were preceded by a sprint race on Saturday, which was great fun and an excellent warmup for the main event. The forest was fast and open with numerous tracks, resulting in some swift finish times. Eight of the 14 competing DROC members made it onto the podium –

First: Sarah Davies and Asha Steer (both performing very well in the Vic Schools Team selection trial)
Second: Janine Steer, Martin Steer (only 20 seconds off first), Peter Yeates and Debbie Dodd
Third: Lanita Steer (running “up” in W21) and Ian Davies
Honorable mentions: Ian Dodd and Peter Dalwood were both edged into fourth. Peter Hobbs was a very creditable 5th in a strong M21 field.